5,000+ Guests at Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field May, 2017

This is but a small sample of what it will look like to the area residents if FJC gets their way and builds a 5,000 seat lighted stadium for ‘student instruction’ as NOCCCD area trustee Jeff Brown and Fullerton College’s president Greg Schulz like to say to the pesky neighbors who will never give up their fight for peace and quiet in their very cherished neighborhood. We see through all your obfuscation and stalling tactics.


Does FJC need a 4-Story Parking Structure?


February 14, 2017- Just two weeks into the semester starting in Spring 2017, at approximately 8:30 a.m, plenty of parking spaces are still available. Shouldn’t the lots be totally full at that hour so early into the semester? The college does not need to build an additional 4-story parking structure to gain a total 630 spaces and which would require the addition of two traffic signals on Berkley Ave. The cost of the project does not outweigh the benefits. How about the college invest in something unique? Perhaps mass transportation directly to the school’s front door- some cool, unique way of getting to school that doesn’t involve more automobiles and would be beneficial to both students and neighbors. Remember Joni Mitchell: They paved paradise and put up a parking lot. Don’t be like that song Greg Stallz (Schulz)
Available spaces just 2 weeks after classes started for Spring 2017 classes. The school does not need another 4-story parking structure on campus. Students always and forever will park on Berkeley Ave. for free.

Empty parking stalls at Fullerton Junior College February 14, 2017 at approximately 8:33 a.m- just two weeks after classes started for the Spring semester. Shouldn’t all the spaces be full just two weeks into a new semester?

A 4-story parking structure that will net just 630 new parking spaces and require the addition of two new traffic signals on Berkeley Ave is both ludicrous and unnecessary. It’s difficult not to notice empty parking spaces at Fullerton College a mere 2 weeks after classes started for the Spring 2017 semester. The college and NOCCCD (using your property tax dollars) wants to build a 4-story parking structure that will require the installation of 2 new traffic signals on Berkeley Ave to accommodate the additional inflow and outflow of 630 additional cars.

You read that correctly- your beloved Berkeley Ave- originally built to help north/west bound travelers avoid Harbor Blvd and downtown Fullerton’s traffic congestion- will now have two additional traffic signals. The college selfishly wants to build a 4-story parking structure just to the west of the Athletic Department’s ‘Field House’ because, well, they need more parking and neighbor concerns be damned! This blogger and the entire neighborhood disagrees with and will fight you and your plan to ruin our community with the unnecessary building of parking structures and football stadiums. We eagerly await the final EIR, as we love to read documents like that for fun. I know you’ll personally let me know when the report is ready to be downloaded and viewed.

Here’e the shiny new toy the college wants to have all for themselves:fullerton-college-future-800-stall-parking-structure

The Sherbeck Stadium Stall Part 1

July 6, 2017

I wanted to follow up with you as some of our staff met with Dudek earlier today.

Although the draft EIR timeline as of last November projected that the EIR report could be completed by the end of spring, it will in fact take a little longer to complete. This is due to the fact that the analysis and scope of work expanded for a couple of reasons, including some additional work that was needed due to the historical aspects of many buildings on campus. As a result,  the updated draft EIR report is projected to be available later this month and when it is ready, we will be sharing it with you and other community members. All will be invited to share comments and feedback.

After carefully considering the feedback and comments on this part of the project that we received following the EIR scoping meeting last November we made a decision this spring to conduct a separate EIR process specific to Sherbeck Field. The contract for this new EIR scope of work was just recently approved so the process is in the very early stages. The projected timeline at this point is that this EIR process would begin this summer and conclude late in the summer of 2018. A public scoping meeting for this EIR is projected to be held in early 2018. I will have more information to share on that in the future, as more details are confirmed.

If you are open to meeting with me in the near future I would be happy to meet with you at a time that is convenient for you. I hope to talk to you soon.



Greg Schulz, Ed.D.
Fullerton College
321 East Chapman Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 992-7001

There you have it. FJC did not get the answer they wanted from Dudek the first time because of us residents who actually care enough to show up to meetings and write letters. It’s not meant to happen Greg… We will never give up our quiet neighborhood to an unnecessary, noisy and light polluting football stadium at Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field- Trustee Jeff Brown and president Greg Schulz you can call it a ‘classroom’, a ‘learning center’ or whatever you want, but a noisy football stadium is a noisy football stadium by any other name… and we’re especially speaking to you Greg Schulz, Jeff Brown and Molly McClanahan.


Everything Crooked with Fullerton College Sherbeck Field

Not Straight. Parallel white lines atop an aerial view of Fullerton Junior College shows the practice field track at Sherbeck Field simply is not straight. Decide for yourselves by having a look around this site. These are your tax dollars at work. “My white lines go a long way…”

However you slice it, the stadium simply isn’t straight. Never has Fullerton Junior College been straight, honest or transparent with the neighbors of Raymond Hills regarding the stadium proposed for Sherbeck Field. Everything looks on the up-and-up when you’re enjoying a leisurely lap or practicing football or soccer, but the aerial shots do not lie nor do the perfectly parallel and straight white lines atop the provided photos.

Cropped version of the above photograph. If the college can’t even build a field that runs straight, how are we residents to believe a word or statement regarding the stadium? Fullerton College officials and President Greg Schulz have never once been transparent regarding Sherbeck Stadium, its true size, field use policy or permanent negative impacts to the neighborhood. Nearby residents say enough is enough, and no more projects that will have significant and permanent increases in noise, light pollution and traffic on our peaceful, cherished and quiet neighborhood.
Nope, definitely not straight. Greg Schulz: give us residents the straight truth about the unneeded stadium at Sherbeck Field. Show us the plans and renderings or are you too worried about the community outrage that is presently boiling?

Fullerton College officials, NOCCCD trustees and FJC President Greg Schulz are all crooked just like the unneeded and unwanted stadium, yet they insist they need it for student instruction. They claim the stadium is not for rental. Sherbeck Field at Fullerton Junior College will absolutely, positively be rented to outside groups and teams. We residents demand answers Greg Schulz. You have the forum and opportunity to share your version of the stadium proposed for Sherbeck Field right here. You may correct any of the record here or we will assume you’ll rent it out at every opportunity and keep the lights and loudspeakers on until 10-11 p.m. every night. The neighbors say no more opaqueness regarding the Sherbeck Field Stadium project, its true cost, where the money is coming from, and where again are you building the brand new Veterans Center voters were promised in 2012?

Fullerton College President Greg Schulz- why won’t you answer any of the questions or challenge any of the information on this site? Please contact us and we’ll publish your stadium concept renderings, and your side of the  story if you think you can handle the collective energy, disappointment and anger of 466 residents, speak your mind. Stop hiding behind yet another version of the EIR. You know the residents don’t want a stadium, so let’s dance. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues… you can even wear your fancy red robe and puffy hat.

A ‘selfie’ from esteemed Fullerton College President and ‘doctor’ Greg Schulz at Commencement ceremonies 2016. This man insists Fullerton College needs a 5,000 seat lighted stadium at FJC’s Sherbeck Field for ‘student instruction.’ The man in this picture is a liar.

Proposed Stadium at Fullerton College too Close to Neighborhood Homes

fullerton-college-football-stadium-ruins-neighborhoodJust peruse Google Earth Street View and have a look at how ridiculously close the neighborhood homes are to Fullerton College’s proposed football stadium at Sherbeck Field. FJC officials, president Greg Schulz and the NOCCCD trustees (namely Jeffrey P Brown and Molly McClanahan) are insistent on jamming an unwanted football and soccer stadium into these neighbor’s backyards ruining the peace and quiet everyone who lives there enjoys. If you are fed up also with this unnecessary taxing and spending of our tax dollars (Bond Measure J- passed by 15 votes), please write to anyone on the following list telling them ‘enough is enough’. Fred Williams or Cheryl Marshall would be good candidates for your ire.

For the record: The officials at Fullerton Junior College have not been transparent about the size, use or plans for the stadium since day one. Nor has the college president Greg Schulz. Can you now begin to understand why 466 residents from 400 nearby homes signed a petition vehemently opposing any and all stadium construction?


More Coverup and Lies about Sherbeck Stadium

No transparency from NOCCCD whatsoever. They are all overpaid liars who will do anything to jam an unwanted and unneeded stadium at Fullerton College ruining the Raymond Hills neighborhood. Click image for the entire report.

They just keep moving the shells around hoping nobody notices under which one the money is hidden. It’s our tax dollars you’re spending and we won’t let your ruin our lives with a stadium. College officials, NOCCCD trustees, and FJC President Greg Schulz have not been transparent with the neighbors or neighborhood about the stadium plans at Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field since day one when they tried to slip it right under the neighborhood’s watchful radar.

Now is your chance President Greg Schulz- As a good member of your community, man-up and comment or email us.


Actual Homes Being Destroyed by Sherbeck Stadium

Imagine living here and a 4500 seat stadium lighted stadium gets dumped right in your backyard. Despite overwhelming objections by the neighborhood- NOCCCD, Fullerton College President Greg Schulz still push forward a plan for an enormous stadium at Sherbeck Field that will be lighted and rented out 7-days per week for sporting events until 10:00 p.m.

Picture for one second living in one of the houses circled in red in the photo above. It’s like a very bad version of “Where’s Waldo”?

Some residents living in the neighborhood have young children and families and other residents have lived here their entire lives… they’re all kind people who have worked hard to live here and deserve to continue their peaceful existence without the permanent increase in ambient noise, traffic, and especially light pollution a giant lighted stadium will certainly bring. Someone in the group asked about an illumination summary at the public scoping meeting held at the FJC student center, Thursday 11/17/16. They look something like this:

Field Illumination Summary for Mt SAC stadium. Image not used with permission because the residents of Fullerton adjacent to Fullerton College  have to wait until Spring of 2017, to see the report on FJC’s Sherbeck Stadium for unknown reasons.
Field Illumination Summary. Image not used with permission because we residents can’t see the lighting study done for Sherbeck Field at Fullerton College. Click to view larger image of what we’re not being told.

Unfortunately, we residents can’t see the study done for the stadium proposed for Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field. Nor can we see any renderings yet of the stadium or noise studies, even though we asked about that at the meeting also, but when you bought your ‘doctor’ title at USC, they gave you special training on how to cleverly avoid or divert all the difficult questions posed by the concerned neighbors.

Fullerton College officials, President Greg Schulz and the NOCCCD board of trustees will not be using Measure J bond money for their prized stadium after all, or was it ‘leftover’ money from another fungible fund, bond or measure? Or is it from bookstore profits President Schulz? How are you going to pay for it exactly? What about the Veterans Resource Center voters were promised???

We residents cannot allow you to shoehorn a giant 4500 seat lighted stadium right in our quiet, unassuming neighborhood. A lighted stadium will forever ruin this. No matter what your final EIR looks like or says, even with mitigation, this stadium will positively ruin a beautiful and quiet neighborhood.

How many more unneeded and unwanted projects, stadiums, parking structures and new traffic signals can you slam down the neighbor’s throats? Another stadium is preposterous when there is another one just about one thousand feet away at FUHS which itself ironically is actually undergoing modern restoration and upgrading to its lighting, sound system, and field, which we’re hoping and praying is artificial turf. Sure, we’d lose the fireworks, but I’m sure someone can figure out a solution. We’d give up looking at the fireworks once a year from our homes for permanent quiet and no noise pollution from a giant stadium. FJUHSD trustees and board members- we strongly encourage you to install artificial turf at the stadium at Fullerton Union High School, work together for once, and share the revenue stream from the college, give yourselves raises for a job well done, and then we/us/the neighbors just might stop complaining so much.

And how many millions of taxpayer dollars will it cost to build the stadium exactly? At the meeting we heard first heard the figure of $15M then you somehow changed course and you said $4M… what’s the honest answer President Greg Schulz? Where is the money coming from exactly and why aren’t the neighbors’ concerns being addressed properly? Are you using bookstore profits to build this stadium at Sherbeck Field that 96% of the residents oppose? Please tell us this is just a very bad dream and you are just kidding about building this stadium at Sherbeck Field that will permanently ruin our lives. And that means forever. And that’s a mighty long time…

R.I.P. Raymond Hills of Fullerton.

Fullerton College President Greg Schulz- this is your forum to set the record straight with the Raymond Hills neighborhood and answer us truthfully. For Once.

Greg Schulz and the Sherbeck ‘Field Use Policy’

“Early comments help shape the EIR”, said one of the two paid DUDEK environmental consultants on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at the Facilities Master Plan public scoping meeting at the FJC Student Center. In reality, public comments do not matter whatsoever to the consultants, architects, trustees or Greg Schulz according to the video at the end of this post, but for now, let’s hear from the President himself:

FJC President Greg Schulz selfishly wants to ruin an entire neighborhood with a 4500 seat lighted football stadium at Sherbeck Field

President Greg Schulz 11/17/2016:

“We don’t have a finalized field use policy, but certainly a significant amount of comments have been to express concern about potential use, um, what the study did point out was acknowledging the known use, right now, um, Rosary High School has used the field at times during the week, Hope International University has used it for soccer… but beyond that, you know our focus is serving the students that are in our programs…

“It’s rented out now, but certainly we’re giving a lot of thought to how it’s been rented- and future rental is not off the table, but truthfully it hasn’t been determined- we don’t- we haven’t adopted a policy and I don’t think it would be right to do that during planning and like before tonight to say nope, it’s already been decided.”

In answer to a question about how the school will deal with increased traffic, Schulz replied “We’re working with OCTA and encouraging students to carpool.” Well, thank you for that very good non-answer.

This is a technique they used on the crowd at the public scoping meeting on 11/17/2016 at FJC Student Center.

And thank you to President Schulz, Fullerton College, and DUDEK Consultants for the snow job last night at the public scoping meeting. And it’s not even Christmas yet! You have your plans already. You know what the field use policy is going to be, you know that the stadium project’s light pollution, noise and traffic together is impossible to ignore, will pose A SUBSTANTIAL INCREASE IN AMBIENT NOISE LEVELS IN THE PROJECT VICINITY ABOVE LEVELS EXISTING WITHOUT THE PROJECT and yet you move forward with Sherbeck Field Stadium plans and EIR. Ninety-six percent (96%) of the residents oppose a stadium Dr. Schulz. NOCCCD trustee for district 6 Jeff Brown, the architect and the other college officials all put on a very good show at the scoping meeting. Bravo! This is how they trick us into believing them- it’s called the Delphi Technique in Public Meetings. Watch below:

Greg Schulz- tell us the truth about the stadium now. You know the truth. Show us the renderings, Musco Lighting illumination summaries, the noise & traffic studies. Show us your cards now. Why do we have to wait until Spring of 2017 when you know what your plans are today? Don’t be dishonest. Don’t hide behind a study that still needs to be ‘completed.’ Don’t be a bad neighbor. Don’t construct a stadium that nobody wants and nobody needs that will permanently ruin the livelihoods of several hundred homeowners. Your field is beautiful. Keep it as such.



Noise, Light Pollution & Traffic a Certainty for Raymond Hills Neighborhood

Sherbeck Field poses threat of permanent increase in ambient noise, traffic and light pollution to quiet neighborhood

WHAT DID YOU SAY??? What about the noise? Some attendees at the meeting were concerned about light pollution. Others traffic and still others the NOISE:

A portion of the 108 page Pre-Environmental Impact Report on Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field 4500 seat Stadium expansion. The neighborhood vehemently opposes any such project.

On Thursday, November 17, 2016 members of the public, college officials and Jeffrey P. Brown, elected NOCCCD official for district 6, listen to homeowners and neighbors’ concerns about the definite increase in noise, light pollution and traffic a 4500 lighted stadium will bring to the Raymond Hills Neighborhood area of Fullerton.

Attendees of the scoping session of the Fullerton College Facilities Master Plan, 11/17/2016.
Community member Sean Paden speaks to DUDEK consultants and the public about how measure J funds will most certainly be used for this stadium improvement. It’s just a shell game with bond money anyway.
Greg Schulz, President of Fullerton College and an unidentified man recording all who spoke publicly. Thought we’d return the favor.

Click image above to read the entire 108 page FULLERTON COLLEGE FACILITIES MASTER PLAN INITIAL STUDY Dated: NOVEMBER 2016

Sherbeck Stadium Threatens Raymond Hills Neighborhood Peace & Quiet

Clearly these neighbors do not want a noisy stadium in their backyards…

Molly McClanahan and the trustees of the North Orange County Community College District want to ruin the Raymond Hills neighborhood of Fullerton with a stadium that is simply not needed. There is another stadium undergoing modern renovation less than 2 blocks away at Fullerton Union High School. There is also another football stadium that was built for a team that does not exist at CSUF. We encourage you to work together with with the FJUHSD and CSUF and use either of those fields for your six home games

We in the neighborhood have worked hard for our homes and appreciate the quiet we have in our neighborhood. With a stadium as Sherbeck Field at Fullerton College, we the residents of the neighborhood all those little arrows are pointing at all have to live with the light, noise, traffic, trash, increased crime and loitering. This stadium is absolutely not needed and the taxpayer money that is being used for this should be spent elsewhere.

With another field so close, the greedy and financially irresponsible trustees of the NOCCCD still want to put a massive 4500 seat stadium at FJC and ruin an entire neighborhood when they can use the one at Fullerton High School 1000′ away. Work together with the FJUHSD.