Sherbeck Field Scoping Meeting: May 1st, 2018 6 p.m. FJC Theater

Improved Sherbeck-Field-at-Night

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Scale model of the stadium proposed for Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field. Note homes in background just 90 feet away from the stadium. While lights have shields and are very high tech, how can the noise from 4,417 screaming and cheering fans be mitigated?
Artist rendering of the proposed 4,417 seat stadium at Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field. 12-Loudspeaker arrays and 6- lighting towers with 80,000 watts of power will forever ruin the peace and quiet of the adjacent neighborhoods. Is this project even really necessary?

Fullerton College’s Stadium Lighting at Night

A nighttime beacon of light, FUHS stadium glows blindingly bright- as seen from Berkeley Ave and Brookdale looking across the FJC campus. Fullerton College wishes to build a stadium similar to the one pictured here on their campus ruining the darkness, peace and quiet the adjacent neighborhood has enjoyed since its birth nearly 70 years ago.

What do you call an artificial-turf college football/soccer field with 4500 permanent bleacher-type seats and permanent lighting designed for nighttime play? Give up? A STADIUM! Yes, that’s right- a stadium and Fullerton College refuses to call ‘Sherbeck Field Improvements’ a stadium. We must hold the president and trustees accountable to the fact that they have never once been transparent about their sneaky insistence on trying to build an unwanted stadium 80 feet from a quiet and quaint neighborhood. The intrepid public citizens must really begin to ask themselves why do the trustees keep pushing for this project despite vehement opposition? Vanity? Profit? Greed? Be a bad neighbor on purpose? Why is the NOCCCD pushing so hard build this stadium project?

FUHS Stadium and Fullerton College’s monolithic 4-story parking structure of ugliness. Believe it or not, the educrats and Trustees at NOCCCD as well as FJC President Greg Schulz want to construct an equally bright stadium on their campus at Hal Sherbeck Field less than 1000′ away. They want to build a $29 Million zombie parking structure behind the ‘improved field’ (stadium) that will gain a net of just 630 new parking spaces. A colossal waste of taxpayer money and campus land and resources.


Citizens of Raymond Hills and the Fullerton College Park area residents and homeowners: Your peace and quiet are at serious risk of horrible nighttime light and noise pollution compliments of the NOCCCD Board of Trustees and Fullerton College’s President Greg Schulz. The stadium lights at FUHS are visible from several blocks away as evidenced by the photographs in this post. What the school and trustees don’t seem to understand it that 96% of area residents vehemently oppose any permanent lighting or permanent seating at Hal Sherbeck Field. The school calls these things ‘improvements’ and to this day refuse to call what they wish to ultimately build a stadium. Seems a bit odd that the college didn’t mention a P.A. system in their recent article submission to the Fullerton Observer.

Light spills over from stadium lights into nearby neighbors yards. The home pictured here is actually farther from the lights than the closest home that would be affected by a stadium and its intrusive lights at Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field.

Bright Stadium Lights Coming to Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field

Click image above to learn more about intrusive stadium lighting by the Musco Lighting company.

Fullerton College wants to install six-100′ tall Musco Lighting Towers like this one at Sherbeck Field which will forever ruin the peace, quiet and livelihoods of hundreds of children and adults alike in the Raymond Hills neighborhood of Fullerton. The college’s field is simply too close to neighborhood homes to not have a significant impact on the quality of the lives of those living in the area. Please view the video below in full-screen mode for best results.

If you don’t believe this blog or this blogger, go have a look for yourselves at the brand newly refurbished football stadium at Fullerton Union High School. This is the exact lighting that FJC proposes to install at their practice field (Sherbeck Field). Fullerton College President Greg Schulz selfishly wants to ruin the Raymond Hills Neighborhood with a clone copy of this stadium for his school, Fullerton Junior College. President Schulz and NOCCCD trustee Jeffrey P. Brown are now using colorful language which is quite the opposite of ‘we want to build a 5,000 seat stadium and rent it out to every organization who will pay our rental fees’ to this: ‘That is the only area of campus that cannot have any kind of nighttime instruction, because there is no permanent lighting installed. They’re now calling it a ‘lighted classroom’ or ‘nighttime learning center’ which is a red herring and just another fancy name for a noisy football stadium Fullerton College will rent out every night and weekend. Has anyone ever heard of a junior college classroom needing 5,000 seats before? We haven’t either!

Intrusive, bright stadium lighting coming to your neighborhood compliments of Fullerton College, who selfishly want to ruin an entire neighborhood with a 5000 seat noisy football stadium of their very own for ‘student instruction.’

Fullerton College: please use the field at Fullerton High School- it’s already been approved by the school’s superintendent Dr. Scott Scambray, so why do you continue to let this zombie stadium project not just die a noble death. Use one of the two extremely viable fields (CSUF or FUHS) that are already constructed, which you have permission to use, and won’t ruin an entire neighborhood and go against the wishes of 96% of concerned and affected neighbors, some of whom have lived in this neighborhood their entire lives.


Light Too bright for you Schulz?

“This light sure is bright… does anyone have any sunglasses I can use?”

Give us our peace; our darkness at night… LOUDSPEAKERS HAVE NO PLACE HERE!

Fullerton College and president Greg Schulz: you do not need 4,417 seats or an 12 speaker array Public Address system for student instruction or a lighted classroom as you and the trustees like to tell the concerned folks who will directly and negatively be impacted by a noisy, light polluting, unnecessary stadium at Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field. We highly encourage you to use the brand new/refurbished stadium at Fullerton Union High School less than 1,000 feet away from the Fullerton College campus, which incidentally got the exact field upgrades you claim your football team needed to play their home games. Two stadiums (seating more than 11,000 people) 1/10 mile from each other is simply overkill. This is a vanity project, and it is designed and programmed for outside rental + profit.

Yep. I have my CPA as well. I can’t wait to start printing money for the college with that brand new stadium at Sherbeck Field. It’ll be noisy, and we don’t care about the neighbors concerns. Shall we fill out a comment card President Schulz?

If you’re really the stand up fellow everyone claims you to be president Greg Schulz, we encourage you to update your NOCCCD bond projects page, which for your convenience can be found here. It is after all, our tax dollars you’re freely spending over there at the college. I see now that you are no longer calling it a bond projects page, but rather a campus projects page. Why is that President Greg Schulz?

Do explain what is happening with the Sherbeck Field ‘Improvements.’ Give us the truth Greg Schulz. You cannot run or hide from this. Explain how you’re paying the same environmental consultants (DUDEK) for the same work they did before, for another Environmental Impact Report. A new report which will somehow now magically give you (the college and district) the ‘correct’ findings about the stadium and its ‘less than significant with mitigation’ impacts this time around? Does that sound about right president Greg Schulz?

Ex-Politicians-Love-Greg-Schulz-Fullerton College-Presiden-Commencement-2017
Look at me! It’s my favorite red cape! I can’t wait to go tell these students some blathering junk to make them feel better for having been fleeced for so much money over the cost of 80 units: the average number of college credits most students finally graduate FJC with. With ex-Assemblywoman Young Kim.
Oh yeah, did I mention I like ‘selfies’? Yes, Greg Schulz, you did mention that several times.

5,000+ Guests at Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field May, 2017

This is but a small sample of what it will look like to the area residents if FJC gets their way and builds a 5,000 seat lighted stadium for ‘student instruction’ as NOCCCD area trustee Jeff Brown and Fullerton College’s president Greg Schulz like to say to the pesky neighbors who will never give up their fight for peace and quiet in their very cherished neighborhood. We see through all your obfuscation and stalling tactics.


Does FJC need a 4-Story Parking Structure at Cost of $53,900 per Stall?


February 14, 2017- Just 2 weeks into the Spring 2017 semester at approximately 8:30 a.m, plenty of parking spaces are still available. Shouldn’t the lots be totally full at that hour so early into a new semester? The college does not need to build an additional 4-story parking structure to gain a net total 630 spaces and which also would require the installation of two new traffic signals on Berkeley Ave. The $29 million dollar cost of the Centennial Structure project does not outweigh the benefits. How about the college invest in something truly unique, groundbreaking even? Perhaps mass transportation directly to the school’s front door- some cool, unique way of getting to school that doesn’t involve more automobiles and would be beneficial to both students and the neighbors. Remember Joni Mitchell: “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” Don’t be like that song Greg Schulz.
Available spaces just 2 weeks after classes started for Spring 2017 classes. The school does not need another 4-story parking structure on campus. Students always and forever will park on Berkeley Ave. for free.

Empty parking stalls at Fullerton Junior College February 14, 2017 at approximately 8:33 a.m- just two weeks after classes started for the Spring semester. Shouldn’t all the spaces be full just two weeks into a new school year?

A 4-story parking structure costing North Orange County taxpayers approximately $29,000,000 that will net just 538 new parking spaces (that’s an astronomical cost of $53,900 per space) and require the addition of two new traffic signals on Berkeley Ave is both ludicrous and unnecessary. It’s difficult not to notice empty parking spaces at Fullerton College a mere 2 weeks after classes started for the Spring 2017 semester. The college and NOCCCD (using your property tax dollars) want to build a 4-story parking structure that will require the installation of 2 new traffic signals on Berkeley Ave to accommodate the additional inflow and outflow of hundreds of automobiles. The cost to build this parking structure is approximately $29 million dollars.

You read that correctly- $29 million dollars and your beloved Berkeley Ave- originally constructed to help north and west bound travelers avoid the intersections of Chapman/Lemon and Chapman/Harbor- will now have two additional traffic signals to contend with. The college selfishly wants to build a 4-story parking structure just to the west of the Athletic Department’s ‘Field House’ because, well, the college always and forever needs more parking and they don’t listen to neighbor concerns. This blogger and the entire neighborhood disagrees with and will fight you and your plan to ruin our community with the unnecessary building of parking structures and football stadiums.

Here’e the shiny new toy the college wants to have all for themselves:fullerton-college-future-800-stall-parking-structure

Fullerton College Sherbeck Stadium Stall Part 1 | Dudek Environmental Consultants Double Dip


I only look concerned, but am really not- President Greg Schulz, Fullerton Community College.

July 6, 2017

I wanted to follow up with you as some of our staff met with Dudek Consultants earlier today.

Although the draft EIR timeline as of last November projected that the EIR report could be completed by the end of spring, it will in fact take a little longer to complete. This is due to the fact that the analysis and scope of work expanded for a couple of reasons, including some additional work that was needed due to the historical aspects of many buildings on campus. As a result,  the updated draft EIR report is projected to be available later this month and when it is ready, we will be sharing it with you and other community members. All will be invited to share comments and feedback.

After carefully considering the feedback and comments on this part of the project that we received following the EIR scoping meeting last November we made a decision this spring to conduct a separate EIR process specific to Sherbeck Field. The contract for this new EIR scope of work was just recently approved so the process is in the very early stages. The projected timeline at this point is that this EIR process would begin this summer and conclude late in the summer of 2018. A public scoping meeting for this EIR is projected to be held in early 2018. I will have more information to share on that in the future, as more details are confirmed.

If you are open to meeting with me in the near future I would be happy to meet with you at a time that is convenient for you. I hope to talk to you soon.



Greg Schulz, Ed.D.
Fullerton College
321 East Chapman Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 992-7001

There you have it. FJC did not get the answer they wanted from Dudek environmental consultants the first time because we residents actually care enough to show up to the meetings and write the letters. Sherbeck Stadium is not meant to happen Greg, FJC, Jeff Brown, Molly McClanahan… We will never give up our quiet neighborhood to an unnecessary, noisy and light polluting football stadium at Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field- Trustee Jeff Brown and president Greg Schulz you can call it a ‘lighted classroom’, a ‘learning center for nighttime instruction’ or whatever else you want, but a noisy football stadium is a noisy football stadium by any other name… 5,000 screaming and cheering fans make a lot of noise. A lot. of. noise. and we’re especially speaking to you Greg Schulz, Jeff Brown and Molly McClanahan.

Update: August 19, 2017:

Still no updated draft EIR for Fullerton College’s Master Planned Expansion even though it was due out for public review in late Spring. Still no transparency from the NOCCCD trustees, Fullerton Junior College, or its Boy Scout president Greg Schulz either. The neighbors are still still waiting. How much taxpayer money does an EIR cost? You guys must be swimming in bucketfuls of money over there if you can afford to purchase another report since you didn’t like the results of the first environmental impact report (EIR). You can’t purchase your way into this stadium. We said no before, we say no now, we say no forever. Show us the draft EIR.

Update: August 30, 2017:

Finally, the draft EIR for Fullerton College’s Master Planned Expansion which is conspicuously missing the part about the Sherbeck Field ‘Improvements’ can be found here.


Everything Crooked with Fullerton College Sherbeck Field

Not Straight. Parallel white lines atop an aerial view of Fullerton Junior College shows the practice field track at Sherbeck Field simply is not straight. Decide for yourselves by having a look around this site. These are your tax dollars at work. “My white lines go a long way…”

However you slice it, the stadium simply isn’t straight. Never has Fullerton Junior College been straight, honest or transparent with the neighbors of Raymond Hills regarding the stadium proposed for Sherbeck Field. Everything looks on the up-and-up when you’re enjoying a leisurely lap or practicing football or soccer, but the aerial shots do not lie nor do the perfectly parallel and straight white lines atop the provided photos.

Cropped version of the above photograph. If the college can’t even build a field that runs straight, how are we residents to believe a word or statement regarding the stadium? Fullerton College officials and President Greg Schulz have never once been transparent regarding Sherbeck Stadium, its true size, field use policy or permanent negative impacts to the neighborhood. Nearby residents say enough is enough, and no more projects that will have significant and permanent increases in noise, light pollution and traffic on our peaceful, cherished and quiet neighborhood.
Nope, definitely not straight. Greg Schulz: give us residents the straight truth about the unneeded stadium at Sherbeck Field. Show us the plans and renderings or are you too worried about the community outrage that is presently boiling?

Fullerton College officials, NOCCCD trustees and FJC President Greg Schulz are all crooked just like the unneeded and unwanted stadium, yet they insist they need it for student instruction. They claim the stadium is not for rental. Sherbeck Field at Fullerton Junior College will absolutely, positively be rented to outside groups and teams. We residents demand answers Greg Schulz. You have the forum and opportunity to share your version of the stadium proposed for Sherbeck Field right here. You may correct any of the record here or we will assume you’ll rent it out at every opportunity and keep the lights and loudspeakers on until 10-11 p.m. every night. The neighbors say no more opaqueness regarding the Sherbeck Field Stadium project, its true cost, where the money is coming from, and where again are you building the brand new Veterans Center voters were promised in 2014?

Fullerton College President Greg Schulz- why won’t you answer any of the questions or challenge any of the information on this site? Please contact us and we’ll publish your stadium concept renderings, and your side of the  story if you think you can handle the collective energy, disappointment and anger of 466 residents, speak your mind. Stop hiding behind yet another version of the EIR. You know the residents don’t want a stadium, so let’s dance. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues… you can even wear your fancy red robe and puffy hat.

A ‘selfie’ from esteemed Fullerton College President and ‘doctor’ Greg Schulz at Commencement ceremonies 2016. This man insists Fullerton College needs a 5,000 seat lighted stadium at FJC’s Sherbeck Field for ‘student instruction.’ The man in this picture is a liar.

Proposed Stadium at Fullerton College too Close to Neighborhood Homes

fullerton-college-football-stadium-ruins-neighborhoodJust peruse Google Earth Street View and have a look at how ridiculously close the neighborhood homes are to Fullerton College’s proposed football stadium at Sherbeck Field. FJC officials, president Greg Schulz and the NOCCCD trustees (namely Jeffrey P Brown and Molly McClanahan) are insistent on jamming an unwanted football and soccer stadium into these neighbor’s backyards ruining the peace and quiet everyone who lives there enjoys. If you are fed up also with this unnecessary taxing and spending of our tax dollars (Bond Measure J- passed by 15 votes), please write to anyone on the following list telling them ‘enough is enough’. Fred Williams or Cheryl Marshall would be good candidates for your ire.

For the record: The officials at Fullerton Junior College have not been transparent about the size, use or plans for the stadium since day one. Nor has the college president Greg Schulz. Can you now begin to understand why 466 residents from 400 nearby homes signed a petition vehemently opposing any and all stadium construction?


More Coverup and Lies about Sherbeck Stadium

No transparency from NOCCCD whatsoever. They are all overpaid liars who will do anything to jam an unwanted and unneeded stadium at Fullerton College ruining the Raymond Hills neighborhood. Click image for the entire report.

They just keep moving the shells around hoping nobody notices under which one the money is hidden. It’s our tax dollars you’re spending and we won’t let your ruin our lives with a stadium. College officials, NOCCCD trustees, and FJC President Greg Schulz have not been transparent with the neighbors or neighborhood about the stadium plans at Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field since day one when they tried to slip it right under the neighborhood’s watchful radar.

Now is your chance President Greg Schulz- As a good member of your community, man-up and comment or email us.