Actual Homes Being Destroyed by Sherbeck Stadium

Imagine living here and a 4500 seat stadium lighted stadium gets dumped right in your backyard. Despite overwhelming objections by the neighborhood- NOCCCD, Fullerton College President Greg Schulz still push forward a plan for an enormous stadium at Sherbeck Field that will be lighted and rented out 7-days per week for sporting events until 10:00 p.m.

Picture for one second living in one of the houses circled in red in the photo above. It’s like a very bad version of “Where’s Waldo”?

Some residents living in the neighborhood have young children and families and other residents have lived here their entire lives… they’re all kind people who have worked hard to live here and deserve to continue their peaceful existence without the permanent increase in ambient noise, traffic, and especially light pollution a giant lighted stadium will certainly bring. Someone in the group asked about an illumination summary at the public scoping meeting held at the FJC student center, Thursday 11/17/16. They look something like this:

Field Illumination Summary for Mt SAC stadium. Image not used with permission because the residents of Fullerton adjacent to Fullerton College  have to wait until Spring of 2017, to see the report on FJC’s Sherbeck Stadium for unknown reasons.
Field Illumination Summary. Image not used with permission because we residents can’t see the lighting study done for Sherbeck Field at Fullerton College. Click to view larger image of what we’re not being told.

Unfortunately, we residents can’t see the study done for the stadium proposed for Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field. Nor can we see any renderings yet of the stadium or noise studies, even though we asked about that at the meeting also, but when you bought your ‘doctor’ title at USC, they gave you special training on how to cleverly avoid or divert all the difficult questions posed (and rightfully so) by the concerned and affected neighbors.

Fullerton College officials, President Greg Schulz and the NOCCCD board of trustees will not be using Measure J bond money for their prized stadium after all, or was it ‘leftover’ money from another fungible fund, bond or measure? Or is it from bookstore profits President Schulz? How are you going to pay for it exactly? What about the Veterans Resource Center voters were promised???

We residents cannot allow you to shoehorn a giant 4500 seat lighted stadium right in our quiet, unassuming neighborhood. A lighted stadium will forever ruin this. No matter what your final EIR looks like or says, even with mitigation, this stadium will positively ruin a beautiful and quiet neighborhood.

How many more unneeded and unwanted projects, stadiums, parking structures and new traffic signals can you slam down the neighbor’s throats? Another stadium is preposterous when there is another one just about one thousand feet away at FUHS which itself ironically is actually undergoing modern restoration and upgrading to its lighting, sound system, and artificial turf field.

How many millions of taxpayer dollars will it cost to build the stadium exactly? At the scoping meeting we heard first heard the figure of $15M then you somehow changed course and you said $4M… what’s the honest answer President Greg Schulz? Where is the money coming from exactly and why aren’t the neighbors’ concerns being addressed properly? Are you using bookstore profits to build this stadium at Sherbeck Field that 96% of the residents oppose? Please tell us this is just a very bad dream and you are just kidding about building this stadium at Sherbeck Field that will permanently ruin our lives. And that means forever. And that’s a mighty long time…

R.I.P. Raymond Hills of Fullerton.

But I’m here to tell you… FJC President Greg Schulz- this is your forum to set the record straight with the Raymond Hills neighborhood and answer us truthfully. For Once.

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