Greg Schulz and the Sherbeck ‘Field Use Policy’

“Early comments help shape the EIR”, said one of the two paid DUDEK environmental consultants on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at the Facilities Master Plan public scoping meeting at the FJC Student Center. In reality, public comments do not matter whatsoever to the consultants, architects, trustees or Greg Schulz according to the video at the end of this post, but for now, let’s hear from the President himself:

Fullerton Junior College President Greg Schulz selfishly wants to ruin an entire neighborhood with a 5,000 seat lighted football stadium at Sherbeck Field

“We don’t have a finalized field use policy, but certainly a significant amount of comments have been to express concern about potential use, um, what the study did point out was acknowledging the known use, right now, um, Rosary High School has used the field at times during the week, Hope International University has used it for soccer… but beyond that, you know our focus is serving the students that are in our programs…

“It’s rented out now, but certainly we’re giving a lot of thought to how it’s been rented- and future rental is not off the table, but truthfully it hasn’t been determined- we don’t- we haven’t adopted a policy and I don’t think it would be right to do that during planning and like before tonight to say nope, it’s already been decided.”

In answer to a question about how the school will deal with increased traffic, Schulz replied “We’re working with OCTA and encouraging students to carpool.” Well, thank you for that very good non-answer.

This is a technique they used on the crowd at the public scoping meeting on 11/17/2016 at FJC Student Center.

And thank you to President Schulz, Fullerton College, and DUDEK Consultants for the snow job last night at the public scoping meeting. And it’s not even Christmas yet! You have your plans already. You know what the field use policy is going to be, you know that the stadium project’s light pollution, noise and traffic together is impossible to ignore, will pose A SUBSTANTIAL INCREASE IN AMBIENT NOISE LEVELS IN THE PROJECT VICINITY ABOVE LEVELS EXISTING WITHOUT THE PROJECT and yet you move forward with Sherbeck Field Stadium plans and EIR. Ninety-six percent (96%) of the residents oppose a stadium Schulz. NOCCCD trustee for district 6 Jeff Brown, the architect and the other college officials all put on a very good show at the scoping meeting. Bravo! This is how they trick us into believing them- it’s called the Delphi Technique in Public Meetings. Watch below:

Greg Schulz- tell us the truth about the stadium now. You know the truth. Show us the renderings, Musco Lighting illumination summaries, the noise & traffic studies. Show us your cards now. Why do we have to wait until Spring of 2017 when you know what your plans are today? Don’t be dishonest. Don’t hide behind a study that still needs to be ‘completed.’ Don’t be a bad neighbor. Don’t construct a stadium that nobody wants and nobody needs that will permanently ruin the livelihoods of several hundred homeowners. Your field is beautiful. Keep it as such.



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