Noise, Light Pollution & Traffic a Certainty for Raymond Hills Neighborhood

Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field Stadium project poses grave threat of permanent increase in light pollution, traffic and revelers to very quiet neighborhood

WHAT DID YOU SAY??? What about the noise? Some attendees at the meeting were concerned about light pollution. Others traffic and still others the NOISE:

A portion of the 108 page Pre-Environmental Impact Report on Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field 5000 seat Stadium expansion. The neighborhood vehemently opposes any such project.

On Thursday, November 17, 2016 members of the public, college officials and Jeffrey P. Brown, elected NOCCCD official for district 6, listen to homeowners and neighbors’ concerns about the definite increase in noise, light pollution and traffic a 4500 lighted stadium will bring to the Raymond Hills Neighborhood area of Fullerton.

Attendees of the scoping session of the Fullerton College Facilities Master Plan, 11/17/2016.
Community member Sean Paden speaks to DUDEK consultants and the public about how measure J funds will most certainly be used for this stadium improvement. It’s just a shell game with bond money anyway.
Greg Schulz, President of Fullerton College and an unidentified man recording all who spoke publicly. Thought we’d return the favor.

Click image above to read the entire 108 page FULLERTON COLLEGE FACILITIES MASTER PLAN INITIAL STUDY Dated: NOVEMBER 2016

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