No Fullerton College Stadium!

This is just the beginning of our fight Molly McClanahan.
Six-100′ tall light towers will ruin the livelihoods and property values of the adjacent neighborhood. This football stadium at Sherbeck Field is completely unnecessary and efforts should be made to jointly work with the FJUHSD to use the stadium at Fullerton High which is already built and will get the same upgrades at the proposed stadium.

Ms. McClanahan~ You were recalled from the Fullerton City Council on June 7, 1994 for a citywide tax nobody wanted. Nobody who lives nearby and will be affected by this stadium on a daily basis wants it built…

We will have you recalled from the Board of Trustees of the NOCCCD if you vote for this project. We, the neighbors of Raymond Hills have united and vehemently oppose an unnecessary football stadium at Fullerton College with six- 100′ light towers, constant noise and light pollution, and lower quality of life and property values for the adjacent neighborhoods. It has been proposed that you and the FJUHSD Trustees come to a joint use agreement with the High School stadium at Fullerton High that is 1/3 larger and will have the same amenities as the proposed FJC stadium not 2 blocks away. This project at Fullerton College is completely unnecessary. By the way, where are you going to park 2,000+ cars for a full event at the stadium? And will you charge for event parking?

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