Sherbeck Stadium Threatens Raymond Hills Neighborhood Peace & Quiet

Clearly these neighbors do not want a noisy stadium in their backyards…

Molly McClanahan and the trustees of the North Orange County Community College District want to ruin the Raymond Hills neighborhood of Fullerton with a stadium that is simply not needed. There is another stadium undergoing modern renovation less than 2 blocks away at Fullerton Union High School. There is also another football stadium that was built for a team that does not exist at CSUF. We encourage you to work together with with the FJUHSD and CSUF and use either of those fields for your six home games

We in the neighborhood have worked hard for our homes and appreciate the quiet we have in our neighborhood. With a stadium as Sherbeck Field at Fullerton College, we the residents of the neighborhood all those little arrows are pointing at all have to live with the light, noise, traffic, trash, increased crime and loitering. This stadium is absolutely not needed and the taxpayer money that is being used for this should be spent elsewhere.

With another field so close, the greedy and financially irresponsible trustees of the NOCCCD still want to put a massive 4500 seat stadium at FJC and ruin an entire neighborhood when they can use the one at Fullerton High School 1000′ away. Work together with the FJUHSD.


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