Where is the Transparency?

Where is the openness and transparency about the community meetings regarding the Fullerton College Sherbeck Field Stadium expansion plans? Did you mail notices out to all the residences regarding these community meetings within a one mile radius? A 1/4 mile radius even? How was the public notified of these meetings?

The trustees of the NOCCCD will do what they want unless we tell them no. Enough hiding the truth. We, those that will be most affected by an unneeded and noisy stadium want and demand answers from you, FJC and President Schulz. There are concept renderings of everything but the stadium- why is that? The affected and surrounding neighbors and homeowners would love some honesty for once from the NOCCCD trustees. Especially you Ms. McClanahan- you helped get the field built at CSUF using Redevelopment funds, and now you want another stadium? We say enough is enough. No more football stadiums!

fullerton-college-future-800-stall-parking-structure fullerton-college-future-welcome-center-building

FJC Facilities Master Plan-Revised 6.23.16

Read the entire Facilities Master Plan for Fullerton College Here.

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