Proposed Stadium at Fullerton College too Close to Neighborhood Homes

fullerton-college-football-stadium-ruins-neighborhoodJust peruse Google Earth Street View and have a look at how ridiculously close the neighborhood homes are to Fullerton College’s proposed football stadium at Sherbeck Field. FJC officials, president Greg Schulz and the NOCCCD trustees (namely Jeffrey P Brown and Molly McClanahan) are insistent on jamming an unwanted football and soccer stadium into these neighbor’s backyards ruining the peace and quiet everyone who lives there enjoys. If you are fed up also with this unnecessary taxing and spending of our tax dollars (Bond Measure J- passed by 15 votes), please write to anyone on the following list telling them ‘enough is enough’. Fred Williams or Cheryl Marshall would be good candidates for your ire.

For the record: The officials at Fullerton Junior College have not been transparent about the size, use or plans for the stadium since day one. Nor has the college president Greg Schulz. Can you now begin to understand why 466 residents from 400 nearby homes signed a petition vehemently opposing any and all stadium construction?


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