Everything Crooked with Fullerton College Sherbeck Field

Not Straight. Parallel white lines atop an aerial view of Fullerton Junior College shows the practice field track at Sherbeck Field simply is not straight. Decide for yourselves by having a look around this site. These are your tax dollars at work. “My white lines go a long way…”

However you slice it, the stadium simply isn’t straight. Never has Fullerton Junior College been straight, honest or transparent with the neighbors of Raymond Hills regarding the stadium proposed for Sherbeck Field. Everything looks on the up-and-up when you’re enjoying a leisurely lap or practicing football or soccer, but the aerial shots do not lie nor do the perfectly parallel and straight white lines atop the provided photos.

Cropped version of the above photograph. If the college can’t even build a field that runs straight, how are we residents to believe a word or statement regarding the stadium? Fullerton College officials and President Greg Schulz have never once been transparent regarding Sherbeck Stadium, its true size, field use policy or permanent negative impacts to the neighborhood. Nearby residents say enough is enough, and no more projects that will have significant and permanent increases in noise, light pollution and traffic on our peaceful, cherished and quiet neighborhood.
Nope, definitely not straight. Greg Schulz: give us residents the straight truth about the unneeded stadium at Sherbeck Field. Show us the plans and renderings or are you too worried about the community outrage that is presently boiling?

Fullerton College officials, NOCCCD trustees and FJC President Greg Schulz are all crooked just like the unneeded and unwanted stadium, yet they insist they need it for student instruction. They claim the stadium is not for rental. Sherbeck Field at Fullerton Junior College will absolutely, positively be rented to outside groups and teams. We residents demand answers Greg Schulz. You have the forum and opportunity to share your version of the stadium proposed for Sherbeck Field right here. You may correct any of the record here or we will assume you’ll rent it out at every opportunity and keep the lights and loudspeakers on until 10-11 p.m. every night. The neighbors say no more opaqueness regarding the Sherbeck Field Stadium project, its true cost, where the money is coming from, and where again are you building the brand new Veterans Center voters were promised in 2014?

Fullerton College President Greg Schulz- why won’t you answer any of the questions or challenge any of the information on this site? Please contact us and we’ll publish your stadium concept renderings, and your side of the  story if you think you can handle the collective energy, disappointment and anger of 466 residents, speak your mind. Stop hiding behind yet another version of the EIR. You know the residents don’t want a stadium, so let’s dance. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues… you can even wear your fancy red robe and puffy hat.

A ‘selfie’ from esteemed Fullerton College President and ‘doctor’ Greg Schulz at Commencement ceremonies 2016. This man insists Fullerton College needs a 5,000 seat lighted stadium at FJC’s Sherbeck Field for ‘student instruction.’ The man in this picture is a liar.

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