Does FJC need a 4-Story Parking Structure at Cost of $53,900 per Stall?


February 14, 2017- Just 2 weeks into the Spring 2017 semester at approximately 8:30 a.m, plenty of parking spaces are still available. Shouldn’t the lots be totally full at that hour so early into a new semester? The college does not need to build an additional 4-story parking structure to gain a net total 630 spaces and which also would require the installation of two new traffic signals on Berkeley Ave. The $29 million dollar cost of the Centennial Structure project does not outweigh the benefits. How about the college invest in something truly unique, groundbreaking even? Perhaps mass transportation directly to the school’s front door- some cool, unique way of getting to school that doesn’t involve more automobiles and would be beneficial to both students and the neighbors. Remember Joni Mitchell: “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” Don’t be like that song Greg Schulz.
Available spaces just 2 weeks after classes started for Spring 2017 classes. The school does not need another 4-story parking structure on campus. Students always and forever will park on Berkeley Ave. for free.

Empty parking stalls at Fullerton Junior College February 14, 2017 at approximately 8:33 a.m- just two weeks after classes started for the Spring semester. Shouldn’t all the spaces be full just two weeks into a new school year?

A 4-story parking structure costing North Orange County taxpayers approximately $29,000,000 that will net just 538 new parking spaces (that’s an astronomical cost of $53,900 per space) and require the addition of two new traffic signals on Berkeley Ave is both ludicrous and unnecessary. It’s difficult not to notice empty parking spaces at Fullerton College a mere 2 weeks after classes started for the Spring 2017 semester. The college and NOCCCD (using your property tax dollars) want to build a 4-story parking structure that will require the installation of 2 new traffic signals on Berkeley Ave to accommodate the additional inflow and outflow of hundreds of automobiles. The cost to build this parking structure is approximately $29 million dollars.

You read that correctly- $29 million dollars and your beloved Berkeley Ave- originally constructed to help north and west bound travelers avoid the intersections of Chapman/Lemon and Chapman/Harbor- will now have two additional traffic signals to contend with. The college selfishly wants to build a 4-story parking structure just to the west of the Athletic Department’s ‘Field House’ because, well, the college always and forever needs more parking and they don’t listen to neighbor concerns. This blogger and the entire neighborhood disagrees with and will fight you and your plan to ruin our community with the unnecessary building of parking structures and football stadiums.

Here’e the shiny new toy the college wants to have all for themselves:fullerton-college-future-800-stall-parking-structure

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  1. I am surprised that there were any available parking spots at that time of the day during that time of the year. As a student of Fullerton college, I have often found myself having to park on the street at the beginning of a semester due to the lack of available spaces in the lots. However, i recognize which lot that is and those spaces are about as far away from the majority of the classrooms as one can get. You could park just about anywhere on the street and not have to walk as far to get to class. That being said, it may have something to do with the time of day, as classes that start later in the morning are more popular. However, I agree with you that the answer isn’t another costly parking structure. Perhaps the college could add an area to their website where students could coordinate carpools with each other. And yes, better public transportation would probably help as well.

    1. Thanks for the comment Holly, and some good suggestions. There are a multitude of better alternatives than building a $29 Million new parking structure on campus. This will take up a huge footprint of campus space and be a very tall structure indeed, dwarfing the 2-story field house. This will be approximately 6x larger than the field house and 2x its height and will break up the beautiful campus skyline we’ve grown accustomed to. It will be a mammoth, gargantuan monolithic structure. We suggested the school work with the city to expand the Plummer lot and to use the new parking structure going in behind the McDonald’s. Alternatively, there is usable acreage at Raymond and Commonwealth between Walgreen’s and Polly’s Pies. We say build the parking structure of your dreams there and have a free shuttle service to campus every 5 minutes. Perhaps President Greg Schulz can be a surprise guest shuttle driver once a month.

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