Fullerton College Sherbeck Stadium Stall Part 1 | Dudek Environmental Consultants Double Dip


I only look concerned, but am really not- President Greg Schulz, Fullerton Community College.

July 6, 2017

I wanted to follow up with you as some of our staff met with Dudek Consultants earlier today.

Although the draft EIR timeline as of last November projected that the EIR report could be completed by the end of spring, it will in fact take a little longer to complete. This is due to the fact that the analysis and scope of work expanded for a couple of reasons, including some additional work that was needed due to the historical aspects of many buildings on campus. As a result,  the updated draft EIR report is projected to be available later this month and when it is ready, we will be sharing it with you and other community members. All will be invited to share comments and feedback.

After carefully considering the feedback and comments on this part of the project that we received following the EIR scoping meeting last November we made a decision this spring to conduct a separate EIR process specific to Sherbeck Field. The contract for this new EIR scope of work was just recently approved so the process is in the very early stages. The projected timeline at this point is that this EIR process would begin this summer and conclude late in the summer of 2018. A public scoping meeting for this EIR is projected to be held in early 2018. I will have more information to share on that in the future, as more details are confirmed.

If you are open to meeting with me in the near future I would be happy to meet with you at a time that is convenient for you. I hope to talk to you soon.



Greg Schulz, Ed.D.
Fullerton College
321 East Chapman Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 992-7001

There you have it. FJC did not get the answer they wanted from Dudek environmental consultants the first time because we residents actually care enough to show up to the meetings and write the letters. Sherbeck Stadium is not meant to happen Greg, FJC, Jeff Brown, Molly McClanahan… We will never give up our quiet neighborhood to an unnecessary, noisy and light polluting football stadium at Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field- Trustee Jeff Brown and president Greg Schulz you can call it a ‘lighted classroom’, a ‘learning center for nighttime instruction’ or whatever else you want, but a noisy football stadium is a noisy football stadium by any other name… 5,000 screaming and cheering fans make a lot of noise. A lot. of. noise. and we’re especially speaking to you Greg Schulz, Jeff Brown and Molly McClanahan.

Update: August 19, 2017:

Still no updated draft EIR for Fullerton College’s Master Planned Expansion even though it was due out for public review in late Spring. Still no transparency from the NOCCCD trustees, Fullerton Junior College, or its Boy Scout president Greg Schulz either. The neighbors are still still waiting. How much taxpayer money does an EIR cost? You guys must be swimming in bucketfuls of money over there if you can afford to purchase another report since you didn’t like the results of the first environmental impact report (EIR). You can’t purchase your way into this stadium. We said no before, we say no now, we say no forever. Show us the draft EIR.

Update: August 30, 2017:

Finally, the draft EIR for Fullerton College’s Master Planned Expansion which is conspicuously missing the part about the Sherbeck Field ‘Improvements’ can be found here.


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