Light Too bright for you Schulz?

“This light sure is bright… does anyone have any sunglasses I can use?”

Give us our peace; our darkness at night… LOUDSPEAKERS HAVE NO PLACE HERE!

Fullerton College and president Greg Schulz: you do not need 4,417 seats or an 12 speaker array Public Address system for student instruction or a lighted classroom as you and the trustees like to tell the concerned folks who will directly and negatively be impacted by a noisy, light polluting, unnecessary stadium at Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field. We highly encourage you to use the brand new/refurbished stadium at Fullerton Union High School less than 1,000 feet away from the Fullerton College campus, which incidentally got the exact field upgrades you claim your football team needed to play their home games. Two stadiums (seating more than 11,000 people) 1/10 mile from each other is simply overkill. This is a vanity project, and it is designed and programmed for outside rental + profit.

Yep. I have my CPA as well. I can’t wait to start printing money for the college with that brand new stadium at Sherbeck Field. It’ll be noisy, and we don’t care about the neighbors concerns. Shall we fill out a comment card President Schulz?

If you’re really the stand up fellow everyone claims you to be president Greg Schulz, we encourage you to update your NOCCCD bond projects page, which for your convenience can be found here. It is after all, our tax dollars you’re freely spending over there at the college. I see now that you are no longer calling it a bond projects page, but rather a campus projects page. Why is that President Greg Schulz?

Do explain what is happening with the Sherbeck Field ‘Improvements.’ Give us the truth Greg Schulz. You cannot run or hide from this. Explain how you’re paying the same environmental consultants (DUDEK) for the same work they did before, for another Environmental Impact Report. A new report which will somehow now magically give you (the college and district) the ‘correct’ findings about the stadium and its ‘less than significant with mitigation’ impacts this time around? Does that sound about right president Greg Schulz?

Ex-Politicians-Love-Greg-Schulz-Fullerton College-Presiden-Commencement-2017
Look at me! It’s my favorite red cape! I can’t wait to go tell these students some blathering junk to make them feel better for having been fleeced for so much money over the cost of 80 units: the average number of college credits most students finally graduate FJC with. With ex-Assemblywoman Young Kim.
Oh yeah, did I mention I like ‘selfies’? Yes, Greg Schulz, you did mention that several times.

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