Bright Stadium Lights Coming to Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field

Click image above to learn more about intrusive stadium lighting by the Musco Lighting company.

Fullerton College wants to install six-100′ tall Musco Lighting Towers like this one at Sherbeck Field which will forever ruin the peace, quiet and livelihoods of hundreds of children and adults alike in the Raymond Hills neighborhood of Fullerton. The college’s field is simply too close to neighborhood homes to not have a significant impact on the quality of the lives of those living in the area. Please view the video below in full-screen mode for best results.

If you don’t believe this blog or this blogger, go have a look for yourselves at the brand newly refurbished football stadium at Fullerton Union High School. This is the exact lighting that FJC proposes to install at their practice field (Sherbeck Field). Fullerton College President Greg Schulz selfishly wants to ruin the Raymond Hills Neighborhood with a clone copy of this stadium for his school, Fullerton Junior College. President Schulz and NOCCCD trustee Jeffrey P. Brown are now using colorful language which is quite the opposite of ‘we want to build a 5,000 seat stadium and rent it out to every organization who will pay our rental fees’ to this: ‘That is the only area of campus that cannot have any kind of nighttime instruction, because there is no permanent lighting installed. They’re now calling it a ‘lighted classroom’ or ‘nighttime learning center’ which is a red herring and just another fancy name for a noisy football stadium Fullerton College will rent out every night and weekend. Has anyone ever heard of a junior college classroom needing 5,000 seats before? We haven’t either!

Intrusive, bright stadium lighting coming to your neighborhood compliments of Fullerton College, who selfishly want to ruin an entire neighborhood with a 5000 seat noisy football stadium of their very own for ‘student instruction.’

Fullerton College: please use the field at Fullerton High School- it’s already been approved by the school’s superintendent Dr. Scott Scambray, so why do you continue to let this zombie stadium project not just die a noble death. Use one of the two extremely viable fields (CSUF or FUHS) that are already constructed, which you have permission to use, and won’t ruin an entire neighborhood and go against the wishes of 96% of concerned and affected neighbors, some of whom have lived in this neighborhood their entire lives.