Fullerton College’s Stadium Lighting at Night

A nighttime beacon of light, FUHS stadium glows blindingly bright- as seen from Berkeley Ave and Brookdale looking across the FJC campus. Fullerton College wishes to build a stadium similar to the one pictured here on their campus ruining the darkness, peace and quiet the adjacent neighborhood has enjoyed since its birth nearly 70 years ago.

What do you call an artificial-turf college football/soccer field with 4500 permanent bleacher-type seats and permanent lighting designed for nighttime play? Give up? A STADIUM! Yes, that’s right- a stadium and Fullerton College refuses to call ‘Sherbeck Field Improvements’ a stadium. We must hold the president and trustees accountable to the fact that they have never once been transparent about their sneaky insistence on trying to build an unwanted stadium 80 feet from a quiet and quaint neighborhood. The intrepid public citizens must really begin to ask themselves why do the trustees keep pushing for this project despite vehement opposition? Vanity? Profit? Greed? Be a bad neighbor on purpose? Why is the NOCCCD pushing so hard build this stadium project?

FUHS Stadium and Fullerton College’s monolithic 4-story parking structure of ugliness. Believe it or not, the educrats and Trustees at NOCCCD as well as FJC President Greg Schulz want to construct an equally bright stadium on their campus at Hal Sherbeck Field less than 1000′ away. They want to build a $29 Million zombie parking structure behind the ‘improved field’ (stadium) that will gain a net of just 630 new parking spaces. A colossal waste of taxpayer money and campus land and resources.


Citizens of Raymond Hills and the Fullerton College Park area residents and homeowners: Your peace and quiet are at serious risk of horrible nighttime light and noise pollution compliments of the NOCCCD Board of Trustees and Fullerton College’s President Greg Schulz. The stadium lights at FUHS are visible from several blocks away as evidenced by the photographs in this post. What the school and trustees don’t seem to understand it that 96% of area residents vehemently oppose any permanent lighting or permanent seating at Hal Sherbeck Field. The school calls these things ‘improvements’ and to this day refuse to call what they wish to ultimately build a stadium. Seems a bit odd that the college didn’t mention a P.A. system in their recent article submission to theĀ Fullerton Observer.

Light spills over from stadium lights into nearby neighbors yards. The home pictured here is actually farther from the lights than the closest home that would be affected by a stadium and its intrusive lights at Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field.