Recent Bond Measures in NOCCCD and SMC Snag Nearly $1 Billion in Taxpayer Money

santa-monica-college-runs-rampant-over-neighboroodsMore, more, more. When will the greed and unnecessary taxing and spending stop? It almost seems as though the Fullerton neighborhood watchdog group FNAC (Fullerton Neighborhood Action Council) and Santa Monica’s FOSP (Friends of Sunset Park) could write the same narrative. Flush with bond money, it seems the community college districts of North Orange County and Santa Monica have run rampant in and over the cities the schools reside in, ruining the quality of lives of those who live in the neighborhood with more traffic, noise and pollution- Environmental impact reports (EIR) be damned! Enough is enough we say.

For a recent look into yet another bond measure forced down the residents of Santa Monica and Malibu, read this very informative piece from the Santa Monica Observer.


The schools can’t even spend all the taxpayer money, yet they still lobby for and pass more unneeded bond measures at taxpayer expense, and many of those affected are elderly and on fixed incomes. For some light reading, have a look at the following UCLA report on Santa Monica College’s taxpayer money grab for still more ‘improvements’ they don’t need. This is a rather fascinating read actually.
SMC Measure AA

The above is from a watchdog group concerned with continued rising taxes and unneeded projects that are eerily similar to NOCCCD’s Measure J passed narrowly in 2014. Interestingly enough, the taxpayers, but more importantly- the Veterans here in Orange County were promised a welcoming and beautiful Veterans Center at Fullerton College and the bond around here was being hailed as ‘For the Veterans’. The beautiful building sold to the taxpayers no longer exists in it previous form. It has been reduced to a tiny fraction of its former glory. Semper Fi vets! Taxpayers get screwed and so do you.

NOCCCD Trustees and College officials promise the moon & stars… and then they taketh away! Fools all of you! Demand transparency and accountability and fight like hell against a lighted stadium. If they lied about the Veterans Resource Center, they’ll certainly lie about other projects.

Bond Measure J passed by 15 votes. Here’s where your hard earned tax dollars will be spent:Fullerton-College-Demolition-Measure-J-Money