No Opposition to Sherbeck Stadium?

The NOCCCD and Fullerton College told us the Measure J bond money was for a Veteran’s Center. They lied. In 2009, Fullerton College tried to slip a stadium right under the neighbors’ noses who live adjacent to the college in Raymond Hills. They lied again. San Diego school districts are using bond money to build stadiums and ruining the livelihoods and neighborhoods there as well. Don’t believe this blogger? Read the Voice of San Diego newspaper article here. Please help us put a stop to this overbuilding madness in our fine city of Fullerton. School districts can OVERRULE CITY ORDINANCES they don’t like. Noise for example. See the evidence for yourselves.

Six-100′ light towers planned for FJC’s Sherbeck Field Stadium will permanently ruin the peace and quiet of the adjacent neighborhood.

Attention residents of Raymond Hills in Fullerton- Your once peaceful neighborhood is going to be ruined by the idiot educrat trustees of the NOCCCD and Fullerton College President Greg Schulz. Light and noise pollution is coming to your neighborhood unless you care enough to encourage the trustees to work together with the FJUHSD to use the newly upgraded field at Fullerton Union High School for the FC Football team which has just 6 home games- none of which begin after 1 p.m. Do not let Fullerton College or the NOCCCD run rampant with our hard-earned tax dollars in the form of ‘bonds’ for campus ‘improvements’ and ruin the quiet for all the families that will be adversely affected by this unneeded 5,000 seat stadium. Alternatively, work together with CSUF and use the Titan Sports Field that was built with Fullerton redevelopment money for a football team that doesn’t even exist. Put 2 & 2 together guys and use one of the two stadiums that are already built in Fullerton. You do not need to build a third, unneeded stadium that will directly impact our quiet neighborhood. We affected neighbors will not sit by and let you try and build unnecessary things in our backyards without proper community input and transparency from you, the college and other NOCCCD trustees. Ms. McClanahan- how many football stadiums do you want or need to take credit for building in Fullerton? Today, right now, there sits a beautiful football stadium at Cal State Fullerton, already financed by the taxpayers for a football team that doesn’t exist and you want to build another one? No.

Have a look at an excerpt from Fullerton College’s Architecture firm, DLR Group- presented to Fullerton College’s Vice President of Administrative Services on 1/5/2016:

sherbeck-field-improvements-noise-issues-raymond-hillsarchitect-of-sherbeck-field-addresses-obvious-noise-light-issuesRead the entire FJC Architect plans for the Facilities Master Update here.

Trustees of the NOCCCD and President Schulz- Where the are the neighbors’ concerns about Sherbeck Field expansion in this report from the school’s architecture firm DLR Group? When and where precicely were the community forums and how was the surrounding neighborhood and homeowners notified? How much notice did you give the public regarding these meetings, especially the neighborhood immediately adjacent to the proposed stadium at Sherbeck Field? How much trust should we have in our city manager after election night revelry? Would that be the same city manager Joe Felz that was ‘allegedly’ driving drunk but definitely crashed his car into a small tree and then tried to get away? That city manager?

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