Sherbeck Field and the Unneeded Football Stadium

I like to build unnecessary things and let taxpayers foot the bill.

It seems Ms. McClanahan deems herself above the law. In November 2013, Ms. McClanahan along with other Community College officials were caught being dishonest (again) and disingenuous (again) to the people that elected them. The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) uncovered dishonesty by the NOCCCD trustees as some were not forthcoming in reporting their gifts from one E.J. De La Rosa & Co. The same E.J. De La Rosa & Co that has underwritten 375 bonds totaling $14.5 Billion for local governments since 2009. Ms. McClanahan: why did you not report receiving such gifts? What else haven’t you been forthcoming about? We need our elected trustees to be considerably more transparent and honest.

Respondent, Molly McClanahan, as a Member of the North Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees, failed to timely disclose gift(s) of: one meal valued at $180.00 on her 2011 Statement of Economic Interests. All gifts were from E.J. De La Rosa & Co., Inc. and all omissions were in violation of Government Code Section 87207 (1 count). Total Proposed Penalty: $200.

This is just the beginning of our fight Molly McClanahan. The Neighbors or Raymond Hills do not want a football stadium in their backyard. Fullerton redevelopment money funded the football field at CSUF. The taxpayers of Fullerton were lied to about and have already paid for it, so we say go ahead and use that field. Or use the Fullerton High School Stadium- both are more than adequate for Fullerton College’s 5-6 home football games.

Leave our quiet neighborhood alone


Ms. McClanahan~ You were recalled from the Fullerton City Council on June 7, 1994. We will recall you from the Board of Trustees of the NOCCCD if you vote for this project. We, the neighbors of Raymond Hills vehemently oppose an unnecessary football stadium at Fullerton College with six- 100′ light standards, a megawatt loudspeaker system, constant noise, permanent light pollution, traffic, and lower quality of life and property values for the adjacent neighborhoods. It has been proposed that you and the FJUHSD Trustees come to a joint use agreement with the High School stadium at Fullerton High that will have the same amenities as the proposed FJC stadium not 2 blocks away. This project at Fullerton College is completely unnecessary. By the way, where are you going to park 2,000+ cars for a full event at the stadium? And how much will you charge for event parking?